Growing an online business is not hard when you know what steps to take...

Growing an online business is going to be easy! At least that's what you thought as you jumped in. So many people are having success so it can't be that hard-right?

As the months went by, you realized that it was a little more difficult than you thought. There were so many new words to learn, so many things to setup, and lots of ways of doing things. It became overwhelming and then frustrating.

With all of the knowledge and advice out in the online world, you became stuck. You're not sure what's what anymore and you're not sure which direction to go in. There are so many options and everyone has an opinion about everything!

You really just want a successful online business. The one you dreamed about when you first started. The business that gave you the freedom to do what you wanted and help you build a life you love. But, how do you get there?

You really wish there was someone who could tell you EXACTLY what steps to take to get there. No fluff, no BS.

That's what you'll get in the Explode Your Business Bundle. Access to top experts who will guide you on the next steps in your business so you can become unstuck and get clarity on how to grow your online business.

The Explode Your Business Bundle!

The Explode Your Business Bundle is to help you go from being unstuck in a specific area of your business to gaining clarity and taking the steps to grow your business with a top expert by your side.

The Explode Your Business Bundle consists of 10+ experts who are offering private 1 on 1 calls to help you in specific areas of your business where you need it most.

You can have a call with one expert or all of them! It's up to YOU to choose how much support you need for your business. 

Here is what you will find in the Explode Your Business Bundle...

Here's how the Explode Your Business Bundle works...

Step 1: Purchase the bundle
Click the button below to purchase the Explode Your Business Bundle for $97.

Step 2: Choose your expert
Upon purchase, you'll be directed to a page where you will see all of our top experts. Remember, you have access to ALL of them! Choose which expert(s) can best support you in your business.

Step 3: Book your call!
Once you've chosen your expert(s), click on the link to book a call with them. Make sure you check your email for a confirmation of your call.

The bundle is closed!

We're also giving to charity!

June is National PTSD Awareness Month and National PTSD Awareness Day is June 27. As a military spouse, I see how PTSD can affect an individual life and their families first-hand.   

For this giveaway, $1 for every purchase of the bundle will go to Paws & Stripes.  

At Paws and Stripes, veterans are matched with shelter dogs and they are trained as teams by highly trained service dog trainers. They believe in saving lives, together, two at a time.

About your host, Kristen Robinson

Kristen Robinson is the Lead Generation Specialist of Explode Your Audience. She helps online entrepreneurs generate leads so they can sell their online courses more easily. Kristen is also a military spouse. Her husband, Lamont, serves in the United States Marine Corps. 

Thanks to the flexibility of being an online entrepreneur, when she is not working or attending a Family Day for her husband's unit, she is playing with her Black Lab/hound mix puppy, Taichou.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I sign up for the Explode Your Business Bundle?

You should sign up for the Explode Your Business Bundle if you're an online coach, author, mentor, or speaker who wants to get unstuck in a specific area of your business and you need clarity. You can get a private on 1 on 1 call with one of our top experts to help you figure out what your next steps need to be.

With all of these private calls from these top experts, what's the catch?

Honestly, there is no catch! Click the link to sign up for the bundle and then book your private calls from the experts that can help you in your business. It's really that simple.

So, how does the Explode Your Business Bundle work?

The bundle officially opens on June 13th and closes on June 27th, 2022. When you sign up for the bundle, you’ll have full access to book your calls AND you will be notified daily throughout the event about what private call each expert is offering so you don’t miss anything.

For each expert that you are interested in having a private call with, click the "Click here to book your call" below that call's description. A second page will open on the expert's calendar to book your call. The last day to book your call will be June 27, 2022. (Psst! It doesn't have to happen on this day but it needs to be booked by this date!)

When is the last day I can have my call(s) with the experts?

The last day to have your call(s) with our top experts is Monday, July 11. The last day to book your call(s) is June 27.

Why isn't the Explode Your Business Bundle free?

Our top experts REALLY want to help business owners like you get unstuck and gain clarity in their business. Therefore, it seemed best to charge $97 to help people who are serious about their business. Besides, where else are you going to find 6 hours of private 1 on 1 coaching with 10+ experts for $97? The combined total value of the Explode Your Business Bundle is over $6,500!

I'm all about giving but do I have to pay anything to donate to Paws & Stripes?

Not at all! When you purchase the bundle, it will be recorded that you purchased it. After the event ends, I will be donating $1 to Paws & Stripes for each individual who purchased the bundle.  

There is no financial commitment required on your end. My donation is a way of saying “thank you” to you for signing up for the event and highlighting a specific cause that is special to me.

If you would like to learn more about Paws & Stripes, you can go to

I know someone who needs this bundle! How can I share this with my friends?

I would love it if you shared this bundle with your friends! 

Here's how it works: Send an email to and we'll send you $25 for each person you refer to the bundle and buys it. You help out a friend, you make a little cash, and you help Paws & Stripes (our charity for this bundle) receive more money in donations. It's a win-win-win!

Are you still skeptical?

Here's the deal: I don't know about you but talking to an expert about a specific area I'm having trouble with in my business has been a game-changer for me. They uncover the gaps that I didn't know I had in my business and tell me directly how to correct them, and move forward in my business.

That's what the Explode Your Business Bundle is all about! Top experts with no fluff, no BS, telling you how to grow your business because they WANT to help you. It doesn't get any better than that. Click the link below to get the bundle.

The bundle is closed!